Creative Tools

Paint It comes with 7 possible tools for your creative works. Every tool is optimized to behave exactly like the real world tool. The pen tool feels just like the pen in your hand! Through the store in the program, Paint It lets you upgrade felt-tip and eraser tools to enhance your creative abilities with all seven tools.

Felt Tip

With Felt-tip you can draw clean lines with an exact start and end point giving you phenomenal control over your drawing. You can use this pen to write letters, sketch and paint.


The pen tool allows you to draw expressive, flowing lines based on the speed of drawing. The pen tool excels at writing letters, notes, and captions.


The pencil tool expresses the shading effect of graphite on paper just like a real pencil. The pencil tool is suitable for sketching, freeform drawing and shading.

Oil Pastel

The oil pastel tool let you painting and drawing with characteristics similar to pastels and wax crayons. This tool can be used as a blending tool to have a very dramatic effect on the final painting.


The watercolor tool expresses an exact wet-in-wet on the transparent effects achievable. The watercolor with a water-soluble color pencil allows to draw fine details and to blend them with water.

Oil Paint

The oil paint remains wet to have changing the color, texture or form of the figure. With the oil painting tool you can use an impasto effect on the canvas that makes your work more artistic.


"In Paint It, layers can be used to work on individual parts of an image like other graphic software. When you click on the layer icon, you can select and edit each layer of your working image.

Layers Blending

The lower layers look different by the upper layers’ blending mode.'Paint It' provides two useful modes besides normal modes. In Multiply mode, the top layer darkens the bottom layer so layering easily creates drop shadows and sketch lines in your image. In Screen mode, the top layer lightens the bottom layer creating a brighter image and making a shine highlight in your image.

Lock alpha channel

When you click a lock-shape icon to lock the alpha channel in a layer so brushes don’t paint in transparent areas, you can paint and draw more specific places you want.

Selected Layer Action

Selected layers can use the following functions.
  • Layer transform: Locations of layers are moved and rotated, and the sizes of the layers are changed.
  • Fill Color: Layers are filled with selected colors.
  • Clear: All layers are cleared transparently.
  • Layer Duplicate: Duplicated layers are added.
  • Merge Down: A selected layer and the lower layer are merged.

Powerful Engine

It was designed to be run with graphic process unit (GPU) and a lot of operations can be dealt so rapidly. Because of this, high resolution graphics can be described perfectly on Retina Displays.

UBRUSH core 2.0

The ‘UBRUSH core 2.0’ developed by our company independently is a ‘Paint It’ based technology that powerful expressionsare possible. This has much faster speed than a previous 1.0 version by more than 3 times. And this has far more diverse expression methods.
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